Pond Care

Taking care of your pond is just as important as taking care of your trees or your lawn. Our expert pond technicians can help with all kinds of opportunities to make your pond more enjoyable.

As a pond owner, it is important to be able to identify the different types of algae that can grow in your pond. When you can do this, you’ll be able to determine if the algae needs to be removed or if they are good for the ecosystem. Our pond experts can identify and diagnose treatment to keep your pond balanced so it can thrive.

Some of the Pond Conditions we Care for

  • Weed and Algae Control!
  • Filamentous – Matted Algae
  • Planktonic – Pea Soup Algae
  • Branched Algae – Chara
  • Common Duckweed
  • Watermeal
  • Cattail Management
  • Goose Control
  • Pond Shading
  • Aerating Fountains
  • Grass Carp

Talk to a Pond Expert about Pond Care

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